Update From The Learning Clojure Front

I am mid-way through the fifth week of a six-week course called Intro To Clojure taught by Amit Rathore at Code Lesson. All in all, I am glad I’ve taken this course. The assignments and reading have taken me to areas, I might not have learned until later on, and the course has given me ideas that my mind will work on over time in “batch mode”.

This week we are working with protocols. Now, defmethod makes a lot of sense to me, but unless you are working with legacy software in Java, I cannot see why there is all the protocol hoopla, which is probably a good reason to learn the concepts. I work with a lot of code written in everything from Perl and Informix 4GL to Python, Perl, and C.

Hopefully, Code Lesson will solicit course feedback. One of the comments I am pretty sure I will have would be to have the course run over a wider time range (weeks), even if it cost more to do so.

Otherwise, I am learning and thinking, which cannot be bad.


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