Next Clojure Steps

Now that the Intro to Clojure course is over, here are the next steps for me. First, I have two books I’m going to read, and then I need to keep coding.

One of the books is Peter Seibel’s Practical Common Lisp and the other is Doug Hoyte’s Let Over Lambda . My reasons for wanting to read  Peter Seibel’s book is it is just a plain good read. My goal in reading this book is to take more philosophy of Lisp dialects in general, not just Clojure.

Let Over Lambda is important to me to understand further they why of macros, not just the how. There are some good explanations in the Clojure texts I already have, but Let Over Lambda is all about macros and is boldly written, from the few excerpts I have seen.

And finally, I am going to start using Clojure as a scripting language, using its Java roots to create stand-alone “main” programs that perform singular tasks. The area will be water use reports, and we have tons of data to process. To me Clojure is just cleaner when processing delimited data (.csv for example), and remapping it to create new data.

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