Yes, There Is Still Customer Service

Believe it or not, there is customer service. Companies still practice it. In case you were wondering, I did check my pulse, and great customer service did happen today.

First, we use address verification software that runs on Windows. Basically, you have to purchase that, even though you might not use the main application. We fall under that category. We’ve purchased the address verification software to be used with a separate developer’s tool kit, which is produced by the same company.

You have to update address verification software, because the USPO updates its zip code databases, and companies that supply address verification software send you an update, including those zip code databases, along with new features and bug fixes.

Well, everything stopped working after an upgrade last week. Today, support got everything working again, and they got things working on a very old version of their Windows COM tool kit without refusing to fix the problem by resorting to the fact the tool kit was old

Well, you would expect good support from your vendor, but the support technician did more than just solve my problem. It turns out due to a mistake on someone’s part — I am not saying it is my fault — we purchased the wrong upgrade to our tool kit recently. Our current tool kit is now eight years old.

Support got the wrong version of the new tool kit switched to the latest version of the old tool kit. Sales was concerned we had been sold the wrong tool kit in the first place. I wondered into which alternate dimension I had wandered. I will be writing thank you emails.

When companies go the extra distance for customers it affects them. Perhaps the results of good customer service are not felt today, this week, or this month, but sooner or later I believe they are rewarded.


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