Big Yellow Keyboard

Big Yellow Keyboard

2012 is my year of change. After learning of newer, more ergonomic keyboards, and newer keyboard layouts like Colemak, I purchased a new keyboard from TypeMatrix . The keyboard was well-built; the company was excellent to deal with; and I recommend them highly. However, I just could not adjust to the layout, let alone learning a different key map. Most, but not all, of us use the traditional Qwerty keyboard.

Then my wife, the financial brain trust of our family, had seen an infomercial about a big yellow keyboard with large keys. So, I bought one with my own money, or two to be exact. So far, so good. One key sticks when struck very hard, but the problem is passable.

When these keyboard(s) arrived at work, my boss said a co-worker would have to spray paint the keyboard black, so people would not be temporarily blinded by the yellow keys, and also indicated — jokingly — that I would be in hot water, if any big yellow keyboard requests came in. Another co-worker started laughing, and said she could never bear to look at a keyboard like that.

So, yes, I purchased two keyboards from one of those infomercials — “So don’t forget, order before midnight, and we will throw in this set of steak knives with your keyboards.” — the keyboards are of reasonable quality, and they have bright yellow keys with black lettering.

So, they remind me of bees, and I’m quite fond of bees.


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