C#, F# and .Net

My Clojure learning continues by starting on a small client-server application to compare two reports using a MySQL database. There is Python code to maintain, some part of a Django application and other standalone bots.

My platforms are mixed bag living between Windows desktops and servers and Linux servers where Python and JVM-based languages make sense. What therefore would possess me to think about learning another language?

Well, last week I unpacked the wrong tool kit from a vendor. I have the correct tool kit now, but looking at the .Net C# samples in the wrong tool kit made me wonder. Should I be learning C#? What about learning F#? If learning one of these languages would be a smart thing, then what about this book from Manning?

In thinking about my next job, will the platform be Windows or .Net, and does it make a difference?

Will Clojure be a good language for my resume? (Even if the answer were no, it would not deter my learning Clojure.)

What about C# or F#?

Well, at least it is worth some research.

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