Mindmaps And Flow Charts

I have a medium-sized program to write. The purpose of the program is to study water use before a meter was replaced and after. Our water department wants to determine if remaining meters that were not replaced around the time of our AMR project two years ago can be phased in or replaced at once. That depends on water use before and after a meter was replaced.

In order to be fair, you have to search for water accounts whose meters were replaced, and then obtain reads that are close to equally distant from the time the meter was replaced. In other words, there is some complexity, but in all not a difficult program to write, just lots of details.

Because there are a lot of details, this is one of those programs that will require a process flow chart. Whether you call it a mind map or a flow chart, an aid to allowing you to wrap your mind around a problem is a rose by any other name. I just know, whether I put ideas down on paper, type them into a computer, or create a flow chart, some other quite nice process goes on in my mind, clarity.

I use these folks: Inspiration . Designed for use by school systems and businesses, the cost is reasonable, and it works.

Bon Apetit!


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