Calling All Polymer Chemists/Material Scientists

Many, many people have computers. That is a fair assumption, isn’t it? Some people have more than one computer, and some number of those have full, non-wireless installations. Non-wireless installations implies at least one pedestal computer, with cables that connect things up. There are even some of us who have more than one computer that share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse using something called a KVM switch, where K=keyboard, V=video, and M=mouse.

Connecting those computers are cables, made out of synthetic material that looks and feels like rubber, but is more durable and flexible. Ethernet, land-line telephone, and monitor cables come to mind, along with USB and parallel printer cables. (Yes, there are still a few parallel printers out there.) And, if you have my installation of two pedestal workstations and a laptop, KVM cables. It is very nice the cables do their job, but they do more than that. They start to take over.

I believe those of us who have computers, keyboards, mice, USB devices have a shared experience. The cables act like an organism. They cling, intertwine, and glom themselves together, almost like kudzu. They are by any other name a big pain.

Somewhere out there is an enterprising polymer chemist or materials scientist just waiting to make a big discovery and a lot of money. How about inventing flexible, strong cables, that don’t get stuck together. Who knows that by inventing that, you won’t discover a cure to a disease or find cheaper, greener, less expensive fuel.


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