Sequences, Array Indexes, and Functional Programming

Edit Begin:
As it turns out the two functions, fn-apply-cmp-vals and apply-cmp-vals can be replaced by map as
shown below:

(defn apply-cmp-vals
  [cmp-vec cmp-vals cmp-vec-idx]
  (map #(ret-non-match-rows cmp-vec cmp-vec-idx %1) cmp-vals))

Edit End:

Here is some data.

(def v1 [[44 2 3 4 5][1 6 7 5 10][11 12 13 14 15]]
(def v2 [[1 2 3 4 44][1 6 7 5 1][11 12 13 14 44]]

The real data is more complicated, mixed numbers and strings, like last name, ssn, and so on, but this data will work as an example.

I want to compare values in a column — column 0 — of v1 with the values of a column in v2, column 4 . And here is what I have come up with, and I’m sure with pure sequences there is probably a cleaner way.

This function accepts a sequence of sequences, s-o-s, a column (index) in s-o-s, and a single comparison value.

(defn ret-non-match-rows
  "Expects a sequence of sequences, like what is returned from clojure-csv.
  Returns all csv rows that do not match cmp-val at cmp-col-idx."
  [s-o-s cmp-col-idx cmp-val]
  (filter (complement nil?) (map #(if (ret-col-match %1 cmp-val cmp-col-idx) nil %1) s-o-s) ))

That is nice, but what if I want to compare many values? Well, good old


came to the rescue.

(defn fn-apply-cmp-vals
  [fn cmp-sos cmp-idx]
  (partial fn cmp-sos cmp-idx))

(defn apply-cmp-vals
  [cmp-vec cmp-vals cmp-vec-idx]
  (let [fn-cmp (fn-apply-cmp-vals ret-non-match-rows cmp-vec cmp-vec-idx)]
    (map #(fn-cmp %1) cmp-vals)))

To test it:

(apply-cmp-vals v2 (map #(nth %1 0 nil) v1) 4)
(() () ())

I recently received an interesting comment on stackoverflow. It basically said to give up on indices as much as possible to achieve a functional programming solution, so that is what moved me to seek out a sequence solution instead of trying to locate row numbers where a match occurred. I believe I achieved that goal.

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