Use Haskell, not Clojure?

Last December (2011), I took an on-line Clojure course with Amit Rathore. The course was based on Amit’s recently released book, Clojure In Action. Isn’t taking an on-line course with someone the equivalent of having known them all your life? That is how the internet works, isn’t it?  So, knowing Amit that well, I was a little confused after reading this post on his blog.

Well, I’m here to let you know that I’m in the clear either way. I’m not writing large complicated systems. I am just writing software on which the tax bills and certain aspects of municipal government are dependent, and so Clojure is good enough for me.

(By the way, there was nothing wrong with Amit’s post. It has quite a few interesting comments attached. Amit’s that kind of person; he’s quite interesting.)


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