Fields of Clojure

I started reading The Joy of Clojure in May 2011; implemented a small Clojure applet that inputs data in one format, outputs in a different format, and uses an http call later in July; and several other projects followed with them most recent being the writing of a new transfer application to take standard reports and split them into three inputs for 3rd Q real-estate bills. All the applications written so far use clojure-csv, and almost all the applications act similarly. Am I disappointed things have been so uniform and slightly boring? No, things are progressing as they should.

I live in a rapid-deployment world. Clojure seems to be holding its own. It seems once details are worked out in design, building, and testing, problems don’t seem crop up after that. Is it due to immutability? Perhaps, yes. I think it is due to Clojure’s consistency.

So, more work awaits, and hopefully there will be more Clojure with more complexity.

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