The Other ntp

Our general ledger and payroll application(s) are from a company called Munis, a division of Tyler Technologies. In order to customize printing, the application uses little scripts in addition to supporting full Windows print queue style printing.

Before the product migrated off of Linux and onto Windows server, these scripts were Bourne shell scripts. Today, I discovered there are still scripts, but with the .ntp extension. These scripts are run using a command called ntp. No, not that ntp, this ntp:

<pre><code>C:Windowssystem32>ntp -?
v1.09 Usage: piped_data | ntp.exe -dPrintDevice

                 (Epson)                                    (Default)
-@ :   File containing (these) option settings:
-d     :   Name of printer, ex. '\svrhplaser'   :
-r     :   Redirect output to file (PCL format)   :
-n <# copies>    :   Number of copies                       :  1
-o      :   P=Portrait  L=Landscape                :  P
-l      :   Lines per page                         : 66
-i      : * Lines per inch                         :  6
-v      :   Vertical Motion Index                  :  7.2
-m      :   Top margin                             :
-z      :   Point Size (font height)               : 12
-s      : * 0=Fixed  1=Proportional                :  0
-p      : * Character per Inch                     : 10
-e      : * Left margin                            :
-b      :   0=Current 1=Main  2=Manual  5=Lg tray  :  0
-t      :   0=Line Ptr  3=Courier  4101=TimesRoman :  3
-y      :   8U=Roman-8  0B=Line Draw  0O=OCR-A     : 8U
-w      : * 0=Medium  3=Bold                       :  0
-u      : * Override built-in setup, ex. '\033E'   :
-f      : * Append FormFeed (eject) at document end:
-q      : * Debug flag, shows escape codes on scrn :
-x      :   H=HP Laser, E=Epson FX, R=Raw mode     :  H

Default emulation is HP PCL-5.  Use '-x E' for Epson FX.

Options file format (-@ flag):
        Options file settings OVERRIDE the same option on command line.
        Enter only 1 option per line.
        Any line not starting with '-' or '/' is ignored (comment).

        *--- Using pipe, landscape, 132 col, 66 lpp, to hp4.
             dir | ntp -d hp4 -l 66 -v 5.45 -p 13 -o L

        *--- Same as above, only using options file with 1 option per line.
             dir | ntp -@ hp4land.ntp

        *--- Using file, portrait, 80 col, 66 lpp, to \serverhp4.
             ntp -d \serverhp4 myrpt.txt

A space after flag is not required, -p10 or -p 10 are both ok.

Here is a sample .ntp file

ls.ntp used with the <code>-@ <options file></code> listed above.
<pre><code># LS.NTP
# NTP.exe options file to setup for 'ls' mode

# Set landscape mode
# Set pitch condensed landscape mode 13.0
# Set VMI landscape mode 15.45
# Set Left Margin to 3
-o L
-p 13.0
-v 5.45
-e 3

Do you think you could find this on Google? I couldn’t, but then I might not have had the right
search technique. It just goes to show you, there are still strange things out there.


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