64-bit ActiveState Perl and 32-Bit COM Objects

We are in the process of rebuilding our Accumail application. It used to be an ASP page that fielded one-address-at-a-time address verification requests, and an MS Access application that we used to print out a CASS report. (You need that CASS report with your over-500 pieces of barcoded mail to get the discount.)

IIS web and ftp services are being replaced with a Perl program and an open source ftp server respectively. These are running on Windows 2003 Server. Accumail and its COM toolkit are also installed there.

I’m one of those big 64-bit people. So, when it came time to install ActiveState Perl, of course I chose 64-bit. That was a mistake. 64-bit ActiveState Perl could not read the 32-bit Accumail COM Toolkit object, so I uninstalled the 64-bit version, and installed the 32-bit version.

Now, all is well.


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