O’Henry Got It Right

Whenever one of those strange life events happens, I think of O’Henry’s Gift of the Magi . That O’Henry story was not the only ironic story O’Henry wrote, but it always comes to mind when something weird happens.

My recent strange life event was having sustaining a knee injury two days away from picking up my 24-year-old Giant Rincon hybrid bicycle from its annual tune up. How bad or what the actual injury is I won’t know until I can get into a doctor. But I now have a knee brace and a cane, so things do not get worse.

Whenever my bicycle returns from Belmont Wheelworks, it is like getting a brand new bicycle, or at least a bicycle that has been to a spa. Sadly, although my bicycle is ready to go, I’m not, until a doctor clears me to ride. In other words, now I need a repair/tune-up.

If it could express its feelings, I am wondering how my bicycle feels about this.

Hopefully, neither my bicycle nor I will have to wait a long time.


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