Bye Bye Ubuntu

For the past six years, I have used Ubuntu to do development and at home. Most of the Informix tools installed on it easily, and although I had to make a few adjustments from our production RPM based environment, things ran well. Well, now I have to get all my Informix tool that are installed on our production system working, in order to run the Perl Informix DBI, Bundle::DBD::Informix.  It isn’t going to happen on Ubuntu.

To be fair, this isn’t Ubuntu’s fault, but Ubuntu’s massive UI change — massive at least to me — along with a kind of removal of the user from deeper configuration access — makes the transition back to RPM-based development systems easier to take. The IBM/Informix tools, especially the Perl Informix DBI won’t install on Ubuntu, or, at least neither a consultant nor I can get those tools installed. And, with an emphasis on Perl development now, an RPM system where Bundle::DBD::Informix will install is paramount.

I started using Ubuntu in 2006. I liked the way it installed, as well as the user interface. You could easily install server components, like LAMP. You can still install server components on the latest Ubuntu, but that nice simplistic server and crisp user interface dividing line seems to have blurred and gone way. The unity interface, at least to me, is just plain strange.

While the world is moving towards tablets and smart phones, are these going to be tomorrow’s preferred development environments? Is having a good monitor, keyboard, mouse, and traditional pedestal desktop a thing of the past? While tablets and smartphones might make good Tricorders of today, they don’t seem like good development tools, at least to me. I am referring of course to Ubuntu/Cannonical’s Mark Shuttleworth’s allegedly wanting Ubuntu to run on smart phones. I wish he would still focus on the conventional Linux system, and not encourage the UI design to go screaming off into the weeds.

Just my thoughts. I’ll miss you, Ubuntu. The African musical startup combined with the energy behind this distro was really something I will not soon forget.


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