Problem with vim, netrw (ftp), and DOS File Format

Programmer’s care about their editors. I used Lugaru’s Epsilon for a while, and think both it and Emacs are wonderful editors.  A few years ago, I just started using vim and gVim. I could blame getting Linux certification, but I just started using vim, and the rest is history.

Most recently, I ran into an annoying problem. gVim and vim both started writing Unix file formatted files out as dos format using ftp to a Linux system. I had just recently rebuilt my 32-bit Linux workstation on CentOS 6.4 to be a more compatible environnent with our production and test environments. (It’s 32-bit, because our Informix SE tools and DB are 32-bit.) That is when the trouble started. vim started writing out unix-formatted files as dos-formatted files. I put a post into stackoverflow, and it was suggested that the .vimrc was wrong — specifically that

 set fileformats=unix,dos 

be added to .vimrc — but, after building the 7.4a Beta, the problem corrected itself.

This turned out not to be the case, so after putting in a bug report, it appeared the problem might be with the version of vim, so I retrieved the beta.

After unpacking the beta, I configured using these parameters:

 ./configure --enable-gui=auto --disable-gtktest 

and then ran make followed by make install (as root).

Everything works.


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