Why Am I Reluctant To Write Web Applications?

I was first introduced to a production web environment fourteen years ago in Fidelity Investment’s Catalina development group. Although there was some Unix web programming on Sun systems, most of the development was on IIS using ASP pages. I even wrote my first application that created a configuration document for testing new financial applications in first level “smoke” test. I learned some Perl as well. I was on a good development learning track.

I do not know what happened after that, but my career and interests seemed to veer further away from web development, and I actually developed some avoidance behavior. To me web development is development, and is neither harder or easier than other development. It is different and has its own set of challenges.

I have been struggling to come back for years. Four years ago, I implemented a rudimentary Django application. It’s crude, but it does what it is supposed to and rarely breaks. It is primarily used for snapping water meter reads for billing. And now, I really need to get away from headless server applications, bite the bullet, design, and write something.

So, here goes.




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