F# Free Disk Space

So, here is a small, F# program to report on disk usage. This is from a real example on our Munis server.

A simple checker of Windows disks.
Charles M. Norton   11/01/2016
Will be greatly improved over time.

Charles M. Norton   11/1/2016
Initial version.

open System
open System.Text
open System.Net.Mail
open System.IO
open System.Threading

open Toa.volLib // local library

let SendEmail msg =
use msg =
new MailMessage (
"dbadmin@town.arlington.ma.us", @"itadmin@town.arlington.ma.us", @"Munis Server Disk Space Report\n",
msg )

use client = new SmtpClient(@"webmail.town.arlington.ma.us")
client.DeliveryMethod client.Credentials client.Send msg

let main argv =
let localDriveList = driveList ()
let dn = (Seq.head(localDriveList)).Name

let drive_c = (Seq.head(localDriveList)).Name
let data_drive = (Seq.nth(1) localDriveList).Name

let fs_c = freeSpace drive_c
let fs_d = freeSpace data_drive

let gb_c = cvtBytesToGB fs_c
let gb_d = cvtBytesToGB fs_d

let system_name = System.Environment.MachineName

let strings = ["System name: "; system_name; "Volume "; drive_c; gb_c.ToString(); "GB\n"; "Volume"; data_drive; gb_d.ToString(); "GB\n"]
let gbs = String.concat " " strings
printfn "System name: %A: Drive C %f -- Data Drive %f" system_name gb_c gb_d

if gb_c < volLib.GB5 || gb_d < volLib.GB5 then printfn "Disk free space is below thresholds; send out warning email." SendEmail gbs else printfn "Disk free space is at or above thresholds. All is well, at least for now." printfn "Sleeping 5 seconds to let you read." Thread.Sleep 5000 |> ignore
0 // return an integer exit code

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