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I have worked over nine years as a municipal IT staff member working on systems integration, sustaining engineering, and systems/database administration. I work with wonderful people, a boss with a sense of humor, and a lot of interesting work, no kidding.

Before all this, there were many years in the computer industry interrupted by nearly two years as a radio talk show side-kick, announcer, and music selection system programmer at WBOQ (Gloucester, MA).

Octopus Grabus is a name I borrowed from The Three Stooges. Veteran actor Vernon Dent, who played Emperor Octopus Grabus in 1942’s “Matri-Phoni”, the 63rd Three Stooges’ short.


Vernon Dent had diabetes, and eventually became sightless. However, he was such a consummate actor that he could  hit all his marks while acting, and, when meeting people could process  friends’ navigational help and position himself to start conversing with someone without their knowing he was sightless. Most people never knew this up until his death in 1963.



6 responses to “About/Contact

  1. Walt Johnson

    Wow, Hagemeister – the snark is strong with this one. Anyhow about MY stackoverflow question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20618376/use-of-uninitialized-value-in-perl-hash
    You introduced something that I wanted to explore – putting if statements aroudn hash statements to make sure that they were defined. I have been trying to accomplish this for most of the day and just threw in the towel.
    Do you have any ideas?

  2. About your change at http://stackoverflow.com/posts/4880971/revisions: I liked the brevity of my version, although replacing “‘d” by “would” is certainly fine. I’m not mad or anything, and not about to start an edit war, but please be a little more conservative conservative when editing. I know it’s a great feeling to reach 2000, but don’t overdose 😉

  3. I just noticed the “snow” on your blog page and thought I was tripping out when the snow went through the text resulting in a weird illusion effect. Whew, glad I’m about as sane as before and not seeing imaginary things.

    • Octopusgrabbus

      The snow cheers me up. At this time of your re are doing recap (recapitulation), which means real-estate tax bills. Everyone gets tense. The snow kind of cheers me up.

  4. V.E.G.

    Vernon Dent is the direct descendant of the American Revolution! His ancestor fought for the freedom and won!

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