Advanced metering infrastructure. The systems, networks, tools, meters, and anything else necessary to support automated meter reading, fixed or mobile network.


Automated meter reading.


Collects information from an endpoint. More than one collector can hear the same endpoint. A collector is used in a fixed network.


Connected to one or more meters. Locates and passes data to a collector. The purposes of an endpoint is facilitate easier meter reading. An endpoint is usually, if possible, mounted on the exterior of a building, and the endpoint facilitates fully, semi, or manual electronic reading of a meter.

Fixed Network

A fixed network has increased cost associated with deployment. One or more collectors read endpoints within the measuring area. Once received by the collector, the readings are transmitted over fixed or wireless network back to a collection application.

Mobile Network

A mobile network relies on a vehicle containing collection equipment. The vehicle travels one or more routes that come within radio range of all endpoints in area being measured.

Premesis ID

A unique identifier that describes the location of a meter.


Deposit that restricts or prevents water flow in a pipe or water meter. Usually caused by iron pipes and/or iron meters.


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