A Quarter Century

No one is really quite sure the day I — Pookie the Cockatiel — was hatched. So, after careful investigation, it was determined that Columbus Day October 12 was probably my hatch date. Today, I am 25 years old, not bad.

Let me just say it is difficult work to train humans to communicate with us. Primarily for survival reasons, we birds do not reveal a lot. But, Dad and Mrs. H. have gotten reasonable marks for figuring me out.

Doing what I always do, inspecting.
Dad left his dresser messy just for my birthday.

Pookie’s Ankle Tale

A few weeks ago, Pookie started limping, favoring his left foot.  (For those interested, this is a nice comparison between human and avian anatomy.) He went out to Dr. Bill to get checked out. At first Dr. Bill thought Pookie might have broken his ankle, but it seems like it might have been a small fracture.

What hurt Pookie the most was cutting off his band without anesthetizing him. Bird surgery is usually avoided unless it is life or death. It hurt Pookie to put a heavy-duty cutter between his leg and the band, but no one can safely cut the band off any other way without risk of cutting the leg.

Pookie’s limp is improving; he did not need a cast; and he is on canine pain killer/anti-inflammatory medicine, one drop a day. The medicine is called Metacam, and he can stay on it indefinitely, as long as he doesn’t start barking.

One of the things we needed to do was soften up Pookie’s perches. He took to one perch being wrapped as shown below, but rejected most of it. However, we tried our best.

Soft Perch
Perch Bandaged To Make It Soft For Feet

This is one place I found that carries this wrap: http://www.amazon.com/Gifted-Horse-Vet-Wrap/dp/B0002V47L0 but your veterinarian probably carries or can order it.

As you can see, things are back to normal.

A Good Looking 'Tiel
Pookie During His Ankle Crisis

Pookie turns 20 in another month. I’d say he doesn’t look a day over 5. Who could tell? Only Dad knows for sure.

Pookie and Printers

I have lived with Pookie the ‘Tiel almost my entire life. He is a character. He is also quite a bold explorer and goes anywhere there is paper. I cannot tell if he is interested in paper because it is nesting material or that he just likes paper.

One of Pookie’s pastimes is to explorer the printer. He never gets to do this unsupervised. Dad and Mrs. H. don’t want accidents.

I cannot figure out if he thinks it’s a nest, or because paper comes out of it. He seems intrigued by the noises.

Pookie Waiting for Print Job
Pookie Posturing His Image On All-In-One Printer

When Cockatiels Need Pain Relief

<Disclaimer: This post is a “parrot”dy and does not recommend giving pain reliever for humans to birds. We recommend you contact your veterinarian if your bird appears to be in pain.>

Cockatiels love to play and investigate, but it takes all a ‘Tiel can give to keep up with a Lovebird. Lovebirds also love to play and play hard. So, after a day of play, this ‘Tiel goes for real pain relief:

But just make sure you are there to help if there is a bird-proof cap.