21st Century Togetherness

My wife, Mrs. Highpants, and I could always use more togetherness time, which is hard to find in modern life. Well, we have more of it.

Do you know how some public service announcements talk about sitting around the kitchen table to socialize? Well, Mrs. Highpants and I are sitting at the dining room table. We are sitting at the table, along with our computers. It is so cozy.

I wonder if we left the table and did not “suspend” our computers, if they would just keep each other company. Do our computers really need us? Will couples like us need to be here at the table some time in the future? Who knows.

At least now, we can glance over our laptops, and commiserate about this or that, or how I’ve tweeted the Terminix Fan commercial for the nth year in a row, because the advertisement reminds me of the fans on in our house during the summer.