Director of Printing and Engraving

Uh, oh! It’s time for another one of those shepherding out one technology for another periods in my life. Eleven years ago, it was automating a radio station. I helped write a scheduler, my first and worst database project, which allowed people to order songs they want played throughout the day. Inevitably it led to fewer jobs.

Now, it is bill printing’s turn. One of my colleagues is retiring, and he’s been printing the tax and utility bills since before I got here. We are eventually going to outsource the bill printing, but it takes time to find the right vendor, not to mention modifying all the billing programs to create the right kind of output required by the vendor. So, it’s my time to see this old technology out the door.

You might be saying to yourself, what’s wrong with that? Have you ever printing 2,000 water, 14,000 real-estate, or several thousand motor vehicle excise bills? And, they have to go through a folder. Well, there goes my software development schedule.

As my boss said this morning, I’m now Director of Printing and Engraving.