Do you know where your chocolates are?

Many years ago, I got to announce news and run the [radio] board for the Paul Parent Garden Club at WBOQ 104.9 FM. Paul Parent has a syndicated radio show that runs on Sunday mornings. When you work at a radio station, you sometimes get to voice spots (radio commercials). So here is one of mine for one of my favorite places, Turtle Alley Chocolates in Gloucester.

Frank’s Cough

Many years ago when I worked in a software company west of Boston, I worked with a product manager named Frank. Frank helped me navigate my new company, had an excellent sense of humor, and I am forever grateful to him for his wisdom and friendship.

When I first started, Frank sat in a cube next to mine, and he had a really serious cough. At the time, I was still working at WBOQ 104.5 FM Gloucester, and decided I would write him a funny spot (radio advertisement). The copy and cough are mine, but I needed a real voice talent, sportscaster J. P. Lewis.

Mrs. Highpants, who is a fan of James Horner, suggested we use the main title theme to Zorro, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, here is “Frank’s Cough”.