A Quarter Century

No one is really quite sure the day I — Pookie the Cockatiel — was hatched. So, after careful investigation, it was determined that Columbus Day October 12 was probably my hatch date. Today, I am 25 years old, not bad.

Let me just say it is difficult work to train humans to communicate with us. Primarily for survival reasons, we birds do not reveal a lot. But, Dad and Mrs. H. have gotten reasonable marks for figuring me out.

Doing what I always do, inspecting.
Dad left his dresser messy just for my birthday.

Introducing ZephyLoveBird’s New Blog

I would like to introduce Zephy [The] Lovebird’s Blog http://wp.me/POGdL-2 . I have lived with birds for nearly twenty years, and found them to be interesting, demanding and very satisfying companions. Because of all the experiences we have had, it seemed a good idea to have blog with stories and care information. Hopefully it will not be too didactic.

Zephy, an African Lovebird, agreed with me, and that does not happen very often. And so, a new blog was born.